How we work together.

The way we work with you will be unique to your situation, and your personality. It will also reflect your most pressing priorities. Here’s an overview of what we’ll accomplish during our first year together.

The relationship begins.

Through a series of conversations, we start getting to know you: What drives and inspires you. What weighs on you. How you want your life to be. This rich interchange will continue for as long as we work together.

We dive into the numbers.

We take detailed inventory of your assets and expenses. This alone sheds tremendous light — and opens up opportunities. Then we start to align the numbers with your goals.

We design your personal plan.

Your plan integrates essential information in one powerful document: Your assets, your expenses, your goals for yourself and your family, and a lot more. Your sensation of clarity increases sharply.

We build your investment strategy.

We strategize your investments in support of your personal plan. This highly analytical process blends investments across a broad range of asset categories, while giving careful consideration to minimizing the impact of taxes.

Planning, investing and day-to-day service are ongoing.

If they haven’t been addressed yet, we help you develop plans for your kids’ education, your retirement, your estate, philanthropy and whatever else is on your plate. We also regularly make adjustments to your plan and portfolio in response to changes in your situation, and the financial markets. 

Day-to-day, we serve as your trusted advisor on, as our late founder Milt Stern liked to say, “any matter with a dollar sign in front of it.” This is one of the most empowering aspects of working with Bridgewater. 

Your frame of mind is fresh and focused.

Your goals are tightly defined, your personal plan is in place, and your assets are invested strategically in support of your plan. You have a caring team of experts at your beck-and-call to advise you on any item that comes up. This level of close, personal support continues in perpetuity.