Four of our core investment principles


We invest for the long haul.

We’re long-term, patient investors. We stay disciplined and focused, resisting the impulse to shift course with every market fluctuation. We don’t time the market — there’s ample evidence this approach works against investors. Our philosophy is rooted in many years of professional experience — and substantial research. We build you a thoughtful investment plan you can live with and stick to. This approach is most likely to get you the best investment results over the long haul.


We believe in global diversification.

Globally diversified portfolios provide the greatest opportunity for meaningful results over time. The portfolios we design are diversified by asset class, sector and geography. Within those categories, we engage in ongoing due diligence of managers. We specifically look to identify investment opportunities with the potential to provide good outcomes at acceptable risk and a fair price. As independent, fee-only advisors, we’re free to explore the entire marketplace for investment strategies that support your specific needs.


Thoughtful tax planning is essential.

Long-term investment success involves more than picking high-performing strategies. It’s equally important to have an effective tax plan designed to minimize your tax burden and preserve your net returns. Strategic tax planning is an often overlooked dimension of investing, but it can have a fundamental impact on your ability to reach your goals. Everything we do for you on the investing front is scrutinized through this lens.


Happiness is the ultimate investment return.

Unfortunately, many firms view investments in a vacuum, as though somehow they’re isolated from everything else in your life. Nothing could be further from the truth. We work hard to help you understand why your money is invested the way it is. Your investment plan is part of your life. If it’s managed with discipline and patience, it will enable you to accomplish what’s most important to you. The metrics we use are your success and happiness, not some abstract number or accumulation of assets for their own sake.