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Yanying Lin

Senior associate

Yan was born in a coastal city of China. In 2001, she relocated with her family to Queens, New York, where she currently resides, cherishing its lively community ambiance.

After earning a degree in Psychology at SUNY Geneseo, Yan found her calling in the world of Private Wealth Management. With a background in Psychology and a commitment to staying informed on financial trends, Yan approaches her work with empathy, insight, and a client-centric focus. Known for building strong relationships based on trust and collaboration, Yan’;s adaptable nature and genuine passion make her a valuable asset to our team here at Bridgewater.

Life is all about balance, and for Yan, that means blending of professional pursuits and personal passions. When Yan is not immersed in the world of finance, you can often find her exploring the great outdoors. Whether it is hitting the trails for a scenic hike, diving into a swimming pool, or simply soaking up the sunshine, she is happiest when surrounded by nature’s beauty and creating unforgettable memories across the globe.