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Our investment principles

Our role as investment advisors is to bring a high level of expertise to the management of your portfolio. We are professionals willing to propose and make choices in difficult market environments. We make these choices as a fiduciary, acting solely in your best interest. We ask — and answer — difficult questions, seeking to understand new trends and make sense of all data. And, we aim to do so in a way that is understandable to you and personalized for your objectives.

Our goal is to make sound capital allocation decisions, investing to earn the highest rate of return while minimizing and controlling risk, costs and taxes. To this task we apply our research, judgment and skills honed over many years and market cycles.

A successful portfolio does not depend on the return of any single investment or idea, nor upon choosing the best time to buy or sell. Rather, the key to a winning strategy lies in choosing the right combination of assets most likely to achieve your long-term goals. We can best help ensure your long-term success by continuing to build and improve a process that will endure.

In addition:

  • We recognize that investing requires an ability to deal with uncertainty. Setting a prudent long-term strategy helps investors cope with short-term market fluctuations.
  • We believe globally-diversified portfolios with low investment costs are the best way to control risk and enjoy market returns or better.
  • We focus on allocating among asset class alternatives, as well as determining when to employ active or passive management strategies.
  • Finally, we continually monitor the markets and evaluate where to find the best risk-adjusted returns. As a result, we may shift the asset allocation from time to time as opportunities arise.